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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rhodes Revisited

With Autumn around the corner, the Kings have begun to leave the harbor and it'll be a while before Trevelia show their silver flanks. Bearing this in mind- and the fact that I'm working at a new job- I thought that my hard earned fishing hours were put to more productive use going after the bread and butter species inhibiting the fish pond near my home.

My target time was the rising tide at fading light. Tying on my new 'mini Clouser' pattern and fishing an unnamed intermediate line, I started laying out 70 odd foot casts to explore the water. As the tide was slow on the rise, I had to contend with little "pickers"that consistently followed and nipped at the fly. I had 2 good sized Bream follow but no clear takes.

My luck began to change after some fresh water started flooding my all so familiar flat. After the tide reached its maximum, my fly was hit consistently for a period of half an hour. This time was it was almost a fish a cast. With a good mix of Flathead and Bream I was kept happy despite their lack of size. However it was good to feel a tug and that sense of satisfaction that comes when your pattern yields the goods.

All in all it was a good day and I had fun!

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