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Friday, April 4, 2008

Clouds That Hold Silver

As I was saying in the previous post, I have been trying to learn to fish more effectively in the estuary system that surrounds my home. To the point of tewaking retrieves, presentations, leader lengths and "developing" new fly patterns.

Today was another chance at the "grand slam". It was an incoming tide at my newly appointed favorite time of the day. I tackled up and casted at my usual starting sport just to wet the line. Satisfied that everything was in order I made my way down to begin a "beat" that I've since developed after that faithful day with Justin.

I casted retrieved and walked. This went on for a good 7 to 8 casts until I reached what I now refer to as The spot.

As I was slowly stripping line, I felt a slight bump. I paused for a half second and was about to strike when whatever it was just started running for the horizon at an alarming rate! I couldn't even think, much less react as line just peeled through my fingers. Thinking that the fish must have hooked itself, I lifted the rod slightly in an attempt to turn the fish.

This was to be my undoing as the line suddenly went slack. "Big flathead" I thought, remembering "thumping" my rod experienced. "Could also have been a big Bream" echoed in my head as I recapped the blistering run. Possibilities ran through my head.

I was disappointed but not discouraged. Bracing myself and mentally running through the motions of "Strip Strike not ROD STRIKE", I put out another 70 footer. Remembering that I had hooked up on a rather well sunk line, I let the sink tip do its thing and commenced my retrieve.



Jelly Prawns were going crazy on the surface as something tore into them.



What on earth was that??? Short strip, Peck! I felt weight and I struck.

What followed next was a run reminiscent of the fish a cast ago. I kept the pressure on and the fish put on a great fight, holding deep with runs that took me close to the reel. "This must be a good bream" I thought as it started swimming to the rock wall I was casting from. Then came another run. "This is one strange Bream" ran through my head as whatever it was stayed down deep and made another bid for the horizon. It was not till a full 2 minutes that I saw a flash of Silver and it still didn't occur to me what I had on the end of my line.

Not long after that first flash of color I managed to tire my opponent and proceeded to grab the leader. For those who catch Bream on the long wand, you'll be expecting that the good old Bream would know when it is beaten and come to the surface. However my quarry stayed deep and only after I hand hauled the last of 12 feet of tippet that I realized that I had landed my first estuary Silver Trevally! The sweetness of the moment was made better that it had been on a fly that I had put much thought and effort into.
2 more Trevallies and one flathead were landed after this momentous occasion.

I didn't get my slam today but what I managed was great satisfaction at being able to land one of my favorite Piscatorial Targets after much work.

Good fishing to you all!

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