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Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey all,

I've done the first round of "face lifts" to the blog. I am still working out a way for our readers to get their hands on gear. As of late, I've been in contact with some really nice people and they happen to have pretty good gear that they wouldn't mind selling for cheap. I don't need all that gear so I thought I'd allow our readers a fair go. Upgrade or Update your kit. I'll work out the kinks and the new little "trading" zone should be up pretty soon. In Case you're wondering, I do not work at a tackle store or am I a member of any of the big tackle manufacturing companies. I don't get endorsement deals. I'm just a craze keen fly angler who writes the blog.

Now that the Update of the site is under way I thought that I would write something a little bit different.We all know fly fishing is an "accessory sport." whether we want to admit it or not, on some level or another, we( anglers) love accessories. a New reel here, some clipers there, a new knife... the list goes on. So in the spirit of new and wonderful gear, I present, Pimp My REEL!

Here are some of the reels that I've come across in magazines, tackleshops, websites. They are in no particular order and The article is just for entertainment's sake. So enjoy.

1.) Tibor Reels
Coming in with a hefty price tag, this set of "bling" raises debates as to whether one is going fishing or to a fly fishing "pimp off" The standard colors of gold or silver make these reels look like gaudy ornaments rather than fish fighting tool. Having said that, I fish with Tibors and the new colors that are being introduced have made it possible to fish without being tempted to do a DIY "re annodize" your reel in your garage with a can of Spray paint.

2.) Abel Reels
What can I say? Fully Custom made to your liking. That is looks wise and if you can afford to plump down a small fortune for one of these painted dmaes of the fly fishinf world. from simple colored reels to artists' rendering of your fravourite scene or even fish coloration, Abel does it all. Serious bling with sweet sweet performance.

3.)Exclusive reels
You know that kid who always needs to stand out? the one that has to have something so unique that everyone in the group counldn't help but wonder at it? Well, if you're that kid ore you know him/her, this is the reel they would probably fish with. One of a kind, and only attachable to your rod if you have it done by a licienced dealer,These reels bring a whole new meaning to the word custom. It's almost impossible to figure out how some of their models are meant to function. Just look below!

I'll leave loop out of this survey as the Swedish award for most "pimped" out reel would have to go to VAN Staal. Not happy with making spinning reels in gold and silver (not to mention designs that would, in my opinion,require some acquirement of taste)They have released a "new" set of fly dedicated reels that scream like that ugly shirt you have to wear out cause someone close spent a lot of money and bought it for you.

5.)Coming in 5th on the list would be the new Jack Charlton MAKO reels. Costing more than your average Tibor or Abel, these reels are billed as "probably the best reel for the salt at fishable prices".I think the marketing people have to check their demographic.How many anglers would not baulk at plumping down $700 for a reel? very few I suspect. But then, a person I spoke to (they work for the company) said that the 8 week delay from order to delivery (look at their website was due to high demand. Am I the only person in the world feeling the effects of a slowing economy? apparently I am.

Anyway the site does not hint at any warranty for the piece of equipment and you are expected to place all faith in the handy work and materials used to construct these "bullet proof" reels.The reels are sweet to fish but come on,reels in the same price range like Tibor and Abel have a life time warranty and I like a company that's willing to put its money where its mouth to me, you get a new form of annodizing, a lighter reel, and 4 color schemes to choose from(varying in price of course) very bling. Just pray that yours isn't one of those reels that was perfectly hand crafted and died due to operator failure.

Nothing says "i'm rolling in dough" like cracking a couple grand on a reel and pitting it against fish that could possibly destroy a bullet proof jacket under the right circumstances.

6.)Our last entry is one reel that you would never even see, not to mention fish. It is one of a hundred reels made by the boys from the isles of England. The Hardy Company has outdone itself in all things snotty and grossly over indulgent. They built a reel completely out of titanium. It will never rust corrode or bend. Hell, it'll out live you and all your decendants. This (it really is)"virtually indesructible" piece of piscatorial jewelary would set you back 10 thousand dollars. The Crown jewels of your reel collection I must say.


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