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Sunday, September 23, 2007

false cast

Hi everyone,

Hope that the past week has been good for you in one way or another. Being a rather light work week, I thought I’d better go out to get a picture or two for the site (it’s really an excuse to go wet a line.) I visited a couple of places during the course of the week. Though not exactly new grounds to myself I learnt, as we always do in our sport, many new things and gained new insights into this ever addictive pastime of ours.

First up was a trip to a little estuary near my home. Part of the lane cove river, there was a little tributary conveniently located in the suburb of Rhodes. Having some knowledge of the place, I decided to test the place for it’s capability to produce on the outgoing tide. This time round, I came with a new plan to have some fun while waiting for the tide to change.

Packing a loaf of bread (Yes I do cheat…) and a box of lures, I arrived at Rhodes half an hour before the highest tide. First stop was a structure that I have affectionately named “bream corner”. I let out the burley and baited up. To my disappointment, the tactic didn’t work and I ended up getting impatient after half an hour. Looking over to the sand flats and seeing that they were still exposed, I thought I better try again next time. I let out another 2 pieces or so of burley and rigged up for some lure fishing.

Working my usual lure beat, I met with more disappointment. This went on till I reached the drainage pipe that marked the beginning of the flats. Here, my luck finally turned as a flathead of about 40 centimeters inhaled my lure. Luring action continued with a few small bream and tailor providing much appreciated action. As the fish at the sand flats went off the chew, I decided to try the bream corner one last time. I was rewarded with two decent bream for this decision. The day ended on a satisfying note. 15 fish landed with 5 being legal. I’m happy to report that all fish were released unharmed.

Next stop on the list was the good old bream pond at glebe. It has been a while since I have enjoyed any tangible success at glebe. The day started with 4 good bream on bread and ended when I hit 2 good flatheads on lure at the beginning of the run out tide. All in all, 6 fish released to fight another day.

Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the short reports. I will endeavor to be more succinct in my next post. I’m a bit of an airbag. I must apologize.

Till next time!

Tight lines and good fishing.

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