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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The First Tail Swipe

Hi All!

A Huge Welcome to the newly (and very cheaply) created, fishing dedicated, space on what we have now know as the internet. There are countless of sites out there already offering fishing reports, gear reviews and other angler resource and we are probably following in what looks like a huge trend in the angling community.

What differentiates us from other blogs/pages/forums?

Well, it's primarily a blog about one and sometimes 2 fishing nuts. We'll post the reports. (Feel free to fight amongst yourselves in the comments columns) bore you with our antics. Stick a photo or two that you could rip. We're basically going to plaster this fragment of the web with what angling is like in our adopted Sydney and in our lives in general. So if you're a fishing nut, it's probably a good idea that you set up one as well. :)

Toodles and till next time

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