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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A day to live for

We have fishing days and then there are "Fishing Days". You know what I'm referring to. Those days where everything seems to go right, where nothing seems to take you from the fishing and the fish are great. These days seem to burn permanently into our minds and the 1st of October was such a day.

Planning for this day was not as easy as expected.Prior day engagements and party composition were hampering at a limited level. We ended up agreeing upon meeting at the chosen location to catch the early morning tide.

The first hour of the day was to be spent casting jigs for squid.(we were hoping to bait up and tangle with the kingies that have been reported in the area). This proved to be a futile exercise as neither Justin or Myself even tempting a take by any squid. However, it was a very pleasant experience. The first of sunlight kissing the water below the Harbor bridge coupled with the cool morning breeze made for some beautiful fishing surrounds.

Having called it quits with the squid, Justin and Myself made our way over to our decided spot. As it was a decidedly "bait" day, we proceeded to load up the spinners and cast out. after about a cast or two, Justin spotted an eddy forming and suggested casting our baits in that direction. This decision was rewarded when I hooked up with a nice silver trevally that was followed up by a decent 'green back' Tailor on the very next cast. Things seemed to slow down after this, with fish only nibbling and Justin landing a small bream and a snapper.

Things started heating up when a tug boat pulled in and we started reeling in the lines. Justin hooked up with a nice king fish that provided much sport. So much spot that the crew of a boat docked nearby and the tugboat actually slowed down to watch the action. It was all we imagined it would be. Blistering runs and Justin using every trick in the book to land the brute on six pound line and a 8 pound leader. All was going our way till the last 2 meters or so of line. At this point, with all hopes on landing our first big king of the season, the leader inexplicably gave way. Justin was somewhat disheartened but the look on his face when he said "this is what I live for" told me that it was great just to have the privilege to tussle with such a great fish.

After the episode with the kingie, matters took a turn to the quiet side and we were content to soak in the scenery and mull over the battle that occurred as the rest of the party trickled in. Jake joined up alongside us and the bite slowed to a halt. Continued casting found me a little alley where there was a bunch of fish willing to 'peck' at least. I indicated this to the rest but they were happy to try in their chosen spots. What happened next has kept the smile on my face till today. I hooked up with an unknown fish that was pulling my already tightly set drag. Blistering runs towards the horizon and lunges for the deep had Justin and myself speculating if it was a King. Deep in my heart, I was harboring the thought that I might just loose this king as well. This fear slowly dissipated as the fish was brought closer to the surface. Head shakes as it exhausted itself betrayed it to be a nice silver trevally.

As I said. nothing could spoil the day for Us. It's one of those days to remember.

Till next time, good fishing and tight lines.

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Jorge said...

Nice blog.

Bye from Spain !

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