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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kingie madness

Summer is here. Together with burnt skin, a swarm of flies buzzing in your face, loads of anglers come the king fish. You could almost say that the capture of this pelagic has become somewhat of an obsession for Justin and myself. From new gear purchases to researching new connections, flies, lures and even bait, this species has caused quite a stir in our piscatorial activities.

Justin and myself have always subscribed to the theory that lighter is better when it comes to our gear choices. Keeping this in mind, we have attempted to land these brutes (however small they may be) on lines as light as 8lb mains and 10lb leads.Due to us mostly fishing from the shore or wharfs, we have endured constant break-offs, had our lines wrapped around pylons and basically been dragged around wherever we are fishing.

To cope with these issues, we have upgraded our eggbeaters to ones capable of 15lbs of drag, fished a little heavier lines and leaders and have experienced some success bringing in the yellowtailed brutes.However, bringing them up onto land has been a source of heart wrenching despair.landing nets are out of the question due to the height from which we fish and rope gaffs are being sidelined due to the fears of injuring the fish.

other matters associated with our current obsession would be to land "kingys" on the fly. Other than a boat, we have had no real opportunity to land them with the magic wand.

we will continue on our quest to land these piscatorial beasts and hope that you, our readers will be kept interested,amused, and informed by our journey.

If you're in Sydney, pick up a rod, spool up and join us on this very worthwhile pursuit.

till then

Tight lines and good fishing

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