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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Seeing RED in Hong Kong

Hello there...I've finally got something to report from Hong Kong - the "kill every fish" drift net capital of the world.

Woke up at 6am and the sun was already beaming... but with some important work not finished, I decided to hack away at the PC till afternoon and maybe head out then if I made progress. Made some progress and there was no time to lose.... I only had about 2.5 hours of fishing time as I've a dinner appointment with my boss and some colleagues in the evening.

Decided to try out an area that I pinpointed on the good ol Google earth. The tide was low when I reached (don't know if it was the bottom or not though).... the wind wasn't too kind either . So I decided to rig up my trustee Berkeley 2-inch Grub on the spin rod to see how I'd do in the wind. First cast veered off to the right cos of the wind, compensated for the veering on the second cast, and was just doing a simple twitch-pause-twitch routine on the grub.

Then out of nowhere the line tightened and I realised something actually grabbed the lure And it felt like a nice fish too... and I'm obviously pretty stoked... There were a few close calls when it tried to swim towards some oyster encrusted rocks but a few rod-lefts and rod-rights saw it swim clear of them... although it felt weighty, the drag didn't have the opportunity to sing... By now I'm dead curious as to what's on the end of the line...not catfish I the bar of silver came near, the tell-tale spot on the tail gave the Redfish away. A few clicks on the camera and back into the brine it went.

Feeling that there could be more, rigged up another grubbie and flicked it out in the same direction...twitch, twitch, twitch, twitch.... FISH ON!! This time the rod began to bend deeply and the drag started to sing its song... definitely a bigger specimen this one... I grabbed the leader (bad move...) and tried to lift the bugger out... the 8lb fluro snapped as the fish shook its head in disapproval, and taunted me as it swam ever so slowly into the deep .... taking my last suitable jighead with it.

It's time to bring out the long wand... wind or no wind... tied on my Bentback Whistler and managed to put out 60ft in the menacing wind... took less than 10 casts for fly to get smashed. Pretty good sized one too from the way it pulled... Fought it carefully as I'd really like to get a shot of it... Finally rocked it, a few happy snaps, and released it.

Casted a few more times without luck as the bead chain eye on the fly had fallen off which resulted in the fly not being able to hold at the required depth... Decided to call it a day.


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