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Monday, October 27, 2008


It's been some time since I last posted on the blog as I haven't been fishing alot until the recent month. But I did manage to sneak out once in a while when I have time.

Well, this trip is no different. Went back to my trustee Redfish hideout in search of some willing victims. Started the day as usual, spent the Saturday morning lazing around abit and taking the pre-noon ferry to my getaway.

But this day, I decided to do explore the surrounding area before I go looking for Mr Red. Whilst on my way to the rocks, I passed a spot that I read from a blog that had produced a nice john's snapper for the author... a nice place to go do some bait soaking. Moving along, I reached the rocks and started to look for a nice place where I could chuck a lure. I stationed myself where I could see a length of submerged rocks in about 2-3 feet of water and proceeded to cast the 3D minnow. Nothing fancy, just a straight retrieve.

And in about 10 mins, the lure got hit and I can't believe that there's still fish! Brought the cod up without fanfare for a few customary shots before returning him to grow a little bigger.... that's if the locals don't catch him first... they'd consider it a pretty good sized catch.

I continued casting for another 15mins without inquiry and headed off to Mr Red's. It was a good 45mins before I found myself in familiar territory. This time round, I decided to give the fly rod a go first. 15 minutes passed without any customers and it was time to break out the spin rod. Whipped on my trustee Berkley Powerbait and within 10 casts, I was in business. It was awesome... I can't believe that there's still some around!

But that was to be my one and only red of the trip as the tide signalled the end of happy hour. But all in all, still a very fruitful trip in overfished Hong Kong.


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