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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

First time the team left sydney

Hi all,

I'm writing this just to give an update to whoever that's been reading our blog. As you would know by now, we have been through a period of much stress lately with Justin going to HongKong and all. So we decided to take one big holiday!

My significant other and myself have been on holiday since the13th of DEC and will be till the 3rd of Jan 2008!

Never to fear, Fishing is still riding high on the agenda so you will still "enjoy" the usual intermitent ramblings of this crazy sheepfly maker to keep you entertained.

We'll be visiting Justin in HK as well as a little detour to Korea so I'll just snap a few and clue you in on what has been happening over here in the FF team. Keep in mind that it's winter season in both countries and that Christmas is around the corner( read this as:" tackle shop tours and freezing my buns of in hope of miriculously unlocking a locations secrets without any local knowledge to help...)

So till the next post

Season's greetings and tight lines!
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