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Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Pink Pillie

Yes Yes I know...

Posting deluge...

I'll give a bit of time before I post the other entries that I have thought up.

But for those who are interest, here's how I did the Pink Pillie! (I do apologize for the poorly focused pictures. Hopefully a new camera will solve things in the near future)
Also I'm doing all this in the office with my boss' (spare) vice. Not really ideal conditions but do tell me if anything is unclear and I'll redo it from the comfort of my home.

1.) Set the eyes and take the thread to the end of the shank and back twice
2.) lacquer to hold everything in place
3.) let the lacquer half dry and start attaching the "bottom" wing above the eye
4.) don't secure beyond the eye
5.) attach the top wing (secure this past the eye)

I used some translucent bluish hair for the bottom wing and ultra hair + crystal flash for the top wing. Happy tying!

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