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Thursday, December 6, 2007

I'm all by myself

Hi all Reuben here. Sorry for the long silence from me. Work/study commitments had me all tangled up. Furthermore, our Piscatorial Swarae ( don't even know if I've spelled this right) has been reduced by the departure of Justin. He's left to pursue better career prospects over in Hong Kong. On the Brighter side of things, We've now gained a Hong Kong Corespondent every time Justin gets away from His desk for a fish. :P So here's looking forward to even more fly fishing in ever more unchartered locales!

You'd already guess from the last post that the last boat trip with Brendon was to be the final boat outing that included the 'full team'. The next time we were to meet was Justin's last big send/ fish off! (I'll update you all on the activities of those quite fish less but oh so memorable days in later posts.)

Anyway, I've been by myself ever since Justin left and was busy till recently when I got a couple of days to test a couple of flies that I've been developing.I'm happy to report that I've finally settled on what I think to be a winning design.

Ever since Brendon, Justin and myself found a new "aussie bass" spot, I have returned to the spot determined to get one of these freshies on a fly. A few patterns were tied in anticipation but one seemed to be a winner. This resulted in my first Aussie Bass on fly.

I had a couple days off and decided to take the opportunity to see if this same fly would work on our usual saltwater target the black bream. This chance came while I was to meet my colleagues for our usual car pool to work. I was about half an hour early for the car pool :) and tied on what I've now started to call the "Pink Pilchard" 10 minutes of casting saw a decent Bream and one small Flathead (which I dropped in a spectacular fashion) This Bream was followed by a couple more decent sized ones. I was happy enough with the success and will update on the next time I take the Pink Pillie out for another test run.

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