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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fly after fly after fly...

March has seen some really weird weather changes. Cold one day and Scorching the next. Similarly, Fishing fortunes have been just as mixed. With some days firing under any condition and some days cold in the best of situations, days off work had to be optimized.

Deciding to dedicate all fishing time to the long wand and determined to be able to fish in all situations using flies, I made an attempt to be totally prepared for any plausible situation that might I might encounter.

Some research and reading led to a 7wt LOOP OPTI-Coast 9'6 loaded with intermediate line with a back up spool of fast sinking line. Leaders were constructed from 8, 12, and 20 lb flurocarbon. Looking at the diverse nature of urban fishing in Sydney also resulted in the fly box(es) being filled with a number of flies that would be more at home in a trout bum's tackle bag.

From Really Chunky,Gaudy Clousers to minute size 8 "Gotchas", even "downsized"bush pig streamers were cast in my piscatorial efforts. What resulted was a greater appreciation for choosing the right fly and paying attention to the smallest of details and changing tactics to meet them. Like all matters to do with fishing, I was successful sometimes and am still scratching my head over others.

The lessons learned from both successful and unsuccessful attempts have made me more confident of my abilities as an angler and even added some new tricks to my arsenal. If you are ever in Sydney and want to do some Back Country angling for our native "Bread and Butter"species, give us a message and we can try to organize a day for a fish. No glamorous scout boats or lodge service, just a good day out to quell that piscatorial itch that all anglers suffer from time and again.(That's the only way to make it free)

In the meantime, enjoy the photos and tight lines!
Till next time...


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