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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Justin's Easter trip

For those who have been following out humble blog, you'd know that Justin is now based in Hong Kong and is still on his quest to unravel the secrets of the mangrove Jacks that abound there. Anyways, Justin paid us a little visit during the Easter week and we made the best of it.

Due to work commitments and timing issues, we decided that it was best to visit our trusty spots. The week kicked off with a trip to Rhodes and a very through exploration of Glebe throughout the rest of the week.

We were off to a great start with 5 fish landed on our first outing. It followed by a lack luster morning effort at double bay and Glebe. We then switched methods and were into some decent fishes. We enjoyed out time greatly and new ideas and techniques were opened to us. Also, surprises such as learning that it was possible to fly fish for our bread and butter species at night were aplenty.

Here are the pics!

Oh and... we had the obligatory BBQ as always.

Tight lines and good fishing!


Anonymous said...

See please here

Steve Dobson said...

I've got to say, they may be bread and butter species to you but from where I sit on the east coast of Canada those are pretty exotic looking fish.

The flies look good. I'd try them for Shad or Striped Bass here with full confidence.

Keep up the interesting blogging and check the pictures out on my web album to get an idea of what we chase here.

Best of luck.

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