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Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Singapore Morning

After waving goodbye to Sydney (for the time being...) I headed back to Singapore to spend the Easter Holidays. I was actually more interested in catching up with all the food that I had missed so much... but strangely didn't get to eat them either.

Okay, back to fishy business... sorry for the digression. My fly escapade in Sydney only produced a small bream and an even smaller Tailor. But did manage to land a few nice breambos on bait... a welcomed consolation. I touched down in Singapore on early Friday morning and thought to myself, "hey, I could squeeze in a short session the next morning..." And I did... albeit getting out of bed an hour late. With no time to lose, I had to hit the water and high-tailed outta da place before the rangers start their round(s).

Reached the spot at 730am and tied on Reuben's Pinkhead DNA Gotcha... although the fly wasn't kind to me in Sydney, I decided to tie it on just to make sure Reuben's faith in it was not in vain :) Was surprised that I had the whole place to myself... as I was expecting a few regulars to be there.

As the fish were (usually) pretty in close, 40 foot casts were all that's required. Not expecting much, I starting a series of short strips... 10-15cm/strip. And in less than 10 casts, I saw the water 'boil' but still no takers... hmm... there's a fish... *strip* *strip* *boil* *strip* strip *boil* *strip* *strip* ZZZzzzzP!!! Fish on! What a magical feeling. The peacock then decided to throw in a couple of aerial displays for this fish starved fly fisherman. In about 2mins, it was by the bank for the customary photo shoot and release.

After the release, "Could there be another one?" I thought to myself. Made a cast, and as the fly came into view, I saw how the wing of the Gotcha gets pushed down and sprung back up as it was twitched in the water. On the next cast, as it came into sight again, a smaller peacock came up, flashed the white of its mouth.... "Where's the fly??" I struck. And it took off.... I savoured every moment of the fight knowing that this will be the only fishing session of my easter holidays. It too found itself on the edge of the bank after the tussle to say hello to my phone cam.

After the release, a quick check of the phone showed 8:03am. A couple more casts and it was time to go... but not before I landed a palm sized peacock.

Until next time, good fishing to you all...

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