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Monday, October 27, 2008


Was pleasantly surprised that I did not have to be in the office over the weekend... which meant that I can go fishing! Awesome! Had initially texted a local friend that I knew in a HK fishing forum to see if he was free to take me Tarpon fishing. Unfortunately, he was only available the next week.

So a visit to Mr Red was in the cards. But as before, I wanted to check out the other parts of the surrounding region to uncover new fishing locations. The first location only produced a tiny (and I mean tiny... thumbsized) rock cod. And instead of taking the short-route to Mr Red's house, I decided to take the long way. For a person who's not into photography, some of the scenery I came across was just too beautiful. This location gave me the feeling that I was in the European countryside or something....

After about 20mins, I reached a bay that had pretty strong waves. And since I'm already there, might as well chuck a few plastics... As I worked toward teh middle of the beach, there was a patch a rocks about 40meters out and I thought maybe fish would congregate behind the rocks, using it to break the water. There must be countless tiny crescent perches in front of me as the lure was being pecked all the way in. And after a while, I felt something larger (but still pretty small) took the plastic. I fought it to the front only to have the hook pull 1m away from me... and the little cod swam away leisurely.

Taking into consideration that cods have amnesia, I continued to cast repeatedly back to the same area. And five minutes later, I was rewarded with this little cod. If he was caught by the guys at the pier, there was no way he was going back. But the fact was that he met me and lived to see another day.

After that little encounter, it was time for redfish. But the tide had already rose pretty high and true enough, I didn't find any...

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