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Monday, October 27, 2008


The day had finally come for me to re-live my bumming days (for 3 weeks...). The plan was to be in Singapore for half a week, spend the next two in Sydney, and the last half in Singapore again.

Touched down in Singapore on 19/9 and was out looking for Peacock Bass in the nearby reservoir... no takers... pretty depressing. Was sad to say that I didn't do much fishing, just walking in and out of tackle shops. But the good thing was that I stumbled upon some owner weedless soft plastic worm hooks that were just the right size. I was tired of losing jigheads and thought that this might be my life-saver... bought two packs.

The morning before the Australia leg of my journey saw me going onto Jeff moored boat for a short bait session. Things were awfully quiet for 3 hours until the line tightened and rod was bouncing away in the rod holder. Whatever that took the prawn certainly had some kilowatts in the horsepower department.... but superb (a shameless plug) rod technique made short work of my opponent... a nice Diamond Trevally.

48 hours later, I was walking the streets of the Sydney CBD into Prad... oops, a tackle store. I was looking for my trustee Berkley 2' Pumpkinseed Grubs but found none. So I bought some 2' Crays instead since they're reputed to be pretty effective. The next morning saw me head over to the neighbourhood park to re-acquaint myself with the breams... but unfortunately, only a few showed up. It was only through an elderly gentleman that I understood that it had been really quiet for the past 6 weeks!! Not surprisingly, it's the middle of spring but the weather was still bloody cold.

But undaunted, I drove the supra to another frequented location in the evening hoping to catch the upcoming tide. I was there too soon and the water was still too low. The wind was howling and the light was fast fading... it was time to go. Feeling very dissatisfied, I returned the next morning for the upcoming. This time, I decided to fish with the wind coming from behind. In less than 15 mins, I had my first Sydney lizard of 2008. The rest of the 3hr session saw me land another flatty and another two brembos... the second was about the 35cm mark and provided relief for my fish-impoverished soul.

Reuben and I had 2 fantastic bait sessions over the weekend with Ms Kim landing 14 fish in the session... it's gotta be the hooks :D The fishing was non-stop but no photos were taken.

The Sydney trip saw me making my biggest purchase in my entire fishing career.... an A$830 Winston BII MX. Luckily I've got some money from the tax return to ease the pain...

Back in Singapore, I paid another visit to Jeff's boat in the evening and saw me lost 5 fish.... how bad was that. :D

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