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Monday, June 29, 2009


Hey all,

T brook has left some very thought provoking comments on our posts regarding the Snakeheads and mega Fish posts. Ok. We stand corrected. There are no native snake heads in the US and it seems that those that found their way to the states were part of the "fishzilla" phenomenon.

With regards to the Megafish project, we did a little more snooping around during our lunch break and found out that the guy behind the project was a scientist with the University of Nevada. We personally have not seen a full episode of Mega fish and simply thought that it was a laudable attempt in preserving some of the species that would otherwise not get much attention.

We agree that the "importation" of foreign species and the extraction of species from their natural habitat does nothing constructive for the Ecosystems that they are introduced to or taken from. However, we have to give the benefit of the doubt to the Megafish guys in that unestablished fact (at least to us)that these fish were taken from systems that were already beyond hope or critical. Furthermore,in the case of the Megafish pond in Thailand, we are under the impression that these species are not introduced into the indigenous water-systems but are kept in a pond that is removed from the natural systems.

Of course we are of the view that conservation should be paramount. However, do we picket zoos for importing pandas? that "extraction" of that species from its natural habitat has improved the odds of its survival. Think of the megafish pond in Thailand as a zoo where you are allowed to come into the closest contact with such amazing creatures without having to kill them.

we always welcome the input of all the fishaholics who read this blog. We are all for conservation and furtherance of our sport( you don't have to kill to have fun). The more we learn, the more we grow.

Many thanks again to T brook for the enlightening comments. We will continue to update the blog as more information on this topic comes our way.

We apologize for not putting up a more throughly researched piece. However, that was precisely why we put the links on the posts. We welcome all views and like to allow our readers to come to their own conclusions regarding the topics. Bounce those views off us. the more we learn together the better for our Efforts.

Tight lines!

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