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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fishing DVDs

Hi all,

With the drake film festival (read fly fishing Dvd deluge) just over not too long ago, some of the more notable offerings have found their way into my local tackle store here in sydney. mixed in with the Usual fanfare, were 2 pretty notable mentions.

1.) Drift
2.) Hustle and fish.

Anyway, I managed to get a little preview of Hustle and Fish as well as Drift.

If you are tired of the usual Fish porn out there in the market and are looking for something to entertain the fly fisherman in you during the days you're unable to get on the water, these are the films. Fly fishing Dvds have come a long way from the their humble beginnings of just a couple of dudes with a camera going fishing. Work was actually put into the production and making of the Dvds in question. They offered entertainment with just the right amount of Fish porn to keep you interested for the 1 hour odd. they even managed to give their sponsors some exposure without you feel like you've bought sell-a-vision's fishing products catalogue.

All in all a great watch given that the water's all but frozen at the moment. 5 Degree nights are not really a great condition for fly casting.

Enjoy the snippets and if you're interested, get your own copy at


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