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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strike like a cobra, Fight like a bull

A species that can be found in my homeland and my fist fish ever on fly. Presenting the humble snakehead affectionately known as the "Toman" back in my land of birth. A fresh water species, these highly aggressive fish have managed to populate almost every freshwater catchment area throughout the world.

Considered a invasive species in most parts of the world, the snake head shares the same notorious reputation as the well known uropean carp. Not unlike the Carp, the snake head does pull hard for a fish it's size. Difference being that a large amount of poundage to give you a thrill on your 5 weight outfit.

for more information on the species visit :the Snakehead society

More angling related information like lures, flies and tackle required can be gleaned from the pages of:Snakehead PROS

These guys concentrate on the American species but the tactics employed are very much applicable in most places.

Who knows, We might see the rise of new "glamor species" or you might just find that fish that has that special place in your fishing fantasies.


T. Brook Smith said...

Snakeheads do seem to be a great sport fish. I know several anglers in Asia who think they are the best thing ever and I enjoy reading their blogs...

...but there is no North American species of snakeheads.

The northern snakehead was introduced to the US as an exotic and it is poised to do signfificant damage to our fisheries here.

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